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Why Lefkippos

Lefkippos offers a unique mix of business, innovation and academia! Hosted residents benefit from access to “NCSR Demokritos”’ advanced research and technological facilities, leading innovation, support services and networking with world–class scientists. The Park is located 10 km from the city centre of Athens, 30 minutes high-way drive to the port of Piraeus, 15 minutes high-way drive to the National road junctions of North and South Greece, and only a 15-minute high-way drive from the Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”. A dedicated exit on the “Attiki Odos” high-way is labelled “NCSR Demokritos” and leads the visitors directly to the entrance of “NCSR Demokritos”.

Office space
Office space

Lefkippos offers several rental packages according to the companies’ needs and according to the prices of the surrounding area’s –Agia Paraskevi– real estate market. The rent prices range from 10 to 13.5 €/m2, depending on the building and the floor where the company’s space is located. Additionally, “virtual office” plans are available for 500 €/year for companies that don’t need to be accommodated at Lefkippos’ buildings (all prices include VAT).

Expression of Interest process
Expression of Interest process

An expression of interest form is available for the companies that are interested to join Lefkippos Tech Park, where they briefly declare their business plan, company status and hosting needs. Upon the availability of free spaces, Lefkippos park staff will contact them in order to inform and request them to proceed with the application process.

Application process
Application process

For the installation at Lefkippos Tech Park the applicant/company representative should submit the relevant application to NCSR Demokritos’ Innovation Office, including the following required elements:

  • Name and legal form of the company
  • Year of establishment or proof of establishment as shareholder agreement for a company under formation
  • Curriculum vitae of shareholders
  • Description of the activity the company intends to develop at the premises of Lefkippos Tech Park
  • Production and employment figures (for existing companies) and financial data
  • Business plan or in the case of a new business plan company a detailed techno-economic study to include a detailed description of the activity that the company intends to develop company when installing at the premises of Lefkippos Tech Park, as well as the existence of resources (financial and other) to implement it planning of the company.
  • Collaborative abilities or existing collaborations with Institutes / Laboratories of NCSR “NCSR Demokritos”, which are important criterion for the selection of the applicant company.

The application is examined for approval by the Centre’s Board of Directors, following a technical review by the Lefkippos’ Advisory Committee or the Centre’s President.

Support Step by Step
Support Step by Step

Lefkippos is primarily managed by members of NCSR Demokritos’ Innovation Office. The work of the Innovation Office is supported by a five-membered Advisory Committee of researchers, and is supervised by NCSR Demokritos’ Board of Directors. The role of the research faculty members of the committee is to act as liaison persons between NCSR “NCSR Demokritos” and the hosted SMEs/startups of Lefkippos, in order to ensure effective interaction by spotting potential collaboration opportunities in topics that fall within the expertise of their research institutions. Upon spotting such an interaction/collaboration opportunity the liaison person raises this topic at the Advisory Committee meeting, where the startup/SMEs representatives are invited to discuss the potential collaboration. Upon preliminary agreement, the coordinating committee makes a proposal to the president and director of the steering board of NCSR “NCSR Demokritos” in order an official decision to be taken for commercial collaboration by issuing a mutual collaboration agreement (CA). Such agreements may further include the involvement of more tenants and stakeholders, including also policy makers from the public administration.

Moreover, the Innovation Office is developing a pool of various stakeholders from Industry, Academia, Research and Funding in National and International (European or other) and assures that are brought together in the pursuit of fruitful collaborations.

Collaborations & Business Opportunities
Collaborations & Business Opportunities

Companies located at Lefkippos Tech Park have the opportunity to interact directly and cooperate with the research groups of NCSR “NCSR Demokritos”. Through appropriate channels, they can utilize direct access to information on R&D projects, funding schemes, Venture Capitals, Business Angels, and others.

Science/ Technology
Science/ Technology

The National Centre for Scientific Research “NCSR Demokritos” is a multidisciplinary Centre having embraced exponentially evolving technologies, including but not limited to Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics. The Centre has demonstrated prominence in Life Sciences and operates some unique for the Country infrastructure in Radio and Nuclear Technologies.

NCSR Demokritos’ Research Teams are very successful in attracting European (top-50 European Institution in FP7), State and Industry grants for projects in a multitude of fields including Environmental Science and Climate Change, Clean Energies and Fuels, Advanced Materials and Devices, Telecommunications, Health, Biotechnology, Security and Cultural Heritage.

In June 2018, NCSR Demokritos has a total of 190 Faculty Members and awards over 500 contracts for work in Research Programmes. The annual budget is 33.5 million Euros, 59% of which come from competitive grants.

Research Institutes
  • Institute of Nuclear & Radiological Sciences and Technology, Energy & Safety
  • Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
  • Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics
  • Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications
  • Institute of Biosciences and Applications