Feb 18, 20 |
NanoInformaTIX assembly meeting

The second NanoInformaTIX General Assembly will take place on 25-27 February 2020 in Athens (Greece), at the National Centre for Scientific Research “Demokritos” (NCSR DEMOKRITOS) campus.

DEMOKRITOS is the largest multidisciplinary Research Centre of Greece with approximately 180 Researchers in tenured and tenure-track positions and over 500 Research Personnel working in projects funded mainly by grants from State Funds, the European Union and Private Industries. Through its five institutes, the Center conducts world-class basic and applied research for advancing scientific knowledge and promoting technological development in selected areas of national socio-economic interest in the fields of nanotechnology, energy and environment, health sciences, particle and nuclear science, informatics and telecommunications. It also plays a pivotal role in graduate education and professional training, and its unique infrastructure is employed for high-technology services to industry and society.

DEMOKRITOS participates in this proposal with two of its laboratories, the System Reliability & Industrial Safety Laboratory and the Thermal – Hydraulics & Multiphase Flow Laboratory.

General Assembly Meeting 2019