Empowering research talent

to reach out in the market


At Lefkippos we strive to boost entrepreneurship and corporate growth.  We are eager to work with passionate teams of individuals who are willing to form their own startups. It is our priority to contribute to their transformation into innovation-driven entrepreneurs.

We support start-ups during their initial, high-risk period coordinating activities that will bring them closer to capital investments, research and development grants and growth.


The successful commercialization and introduction to the market of innovative services and products requires a complex orchestration of finance, management, marketing and branding. At Lefkippos we support early-stage, growth-driven companies through networking activities with mentors, investors and funds. Through match-making events guest companies are supported in identifying synergies and partners for establishing research consortia across the EU. Expert consultancy on issues from intellectual property rights to market strategy is also available. We collaborate with experts in the various sectors and utilize every possible resource to set and achieve short-term concrete goals within a greater vision, by bringing all the different pieces of the business puzzle together:

  • Match-making networking events with Demokritos researchers
  • Info-days on fund raising opportunities (H2020, VCs, large corporations)
  • Consultancy on good practices by business mentors and successful spin-offs/start-uppers

We are offering our consulting services to the tech co-founders on how to run their startups and prepare them so as to seek funding and proper introduction to the national and international markets.

Office Space

Lefkippos offers several tailor-made packages to accommodate the various needs of the companies at prices that are comparable to those designed for business spaces in neighboring cities.
The Division of Technical Works and Research Support of Demokritos, will assist in implementing technical specifications required by guest companies for their laboratories. These may include electrical installations, small-scale constructions, automations for controlled environments, special network security requirements etc.
Additionally, “virtual office” plans are also available. This special special status works as a kind of membership for companies that do not need to occupy real space at Lefkippos’ buildings but are instead interested in participating in all the activities offered within the Lefkippos ecosystem.

Business Support

The companies established at Lefkippos Tech Park benefit from the services of the Innovation Office that supports them in technology transfer, fundraising, business plan development and networking. This is why 95% of the companies currently established at Lefkippos strongly believe that Lefkippos and “NCSR Demokritos” services played a decisive role in their development. Furthermore, 58% of Lefkippos’ companies stated that they would not have proceeded in the establishment of their company without the support of Lefkippos’ services.

Congress Centre

The Congress Centre located within NCSR Demokritos’ campus comprises of a 418 person capacity main auditorium, 10 lecture-halls, several meeting rooms and lounges, all of which are equipped with high-tech audio-visual capabilities and expert technical support during planned events. The Congress Centre is available to Academic Institutions, to public Organizations and to the private sector as well as to Scientific, Educational and Cultural Associations and Societies in order to host Scientific Conferences, Workshops, and Social Events.

Open Labs

World class research groups at NCSR Demokritos are members of National and European technological infrastructures. Lefkippos’ tenants can have access to this technologically advanced and specialized experimental and computational ecosystem in collaboration with experts in the field. The infrastructure that can also support Lefkippos’ R&D projects are listed below.

Greek Infrastructure for Digital Arts, Humanities and Language Research and Innovation

Participated by NCSR Demokritos’ Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications. For more information (in Greek): https://apollonis-infrastructure.gr/

National High Performance Computing (HPC) facility

where HPC projects have been executed and are ongoing (e.g. NASIFMAG and MNBIE projects). Participated by NCSR Demokritos’  Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. For more information https://hpc.grnet.gr/en/

Visualizing and Monitoring Fundamental Biological Processes

Participated by NCSR Demokritos’ Institute of Biosciences and Applications

Cluster of Accelerator Laboratories for Ion-beam Research & Applications

The cluster constitutes a major player in the PRECISION MEDICINE National Emblematic Action (National Network for Precision Medicine in Oncology). Coordinated by NCSR Demokritos’ Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics. For more information (in Greek): http://www.inp.NCSR Demokritos.gr/el/calibra/

Intelligent Research Infrastructure for Shipping, Supply Chain, Transport and Logistics

Participated by NCSR Demokritos’ Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications

Detector Development and Technologies for High Energy Physics

Participated by NCSR Demokritos’ Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics

Hellenic Open- Access Research Infrastructure of Chemical Biology and Target- Based Screening Technologies for Human and Animal Health, Agriculture and the Environment

Coordinated by NCSR Demokritos’ Institute of Biosciences and Applications, the infrastructure aims at supporting Life Sciences research and its translation to medicine and agriculture. For more information (in Greek): http://www.openscreen.aua.gr/

Nanotechnology, Advanced Materials and Micro/Nanoelectronics

User-accessible cluster of research laboratories, including state of the art electron microscopy facilities. Coordinated by NCSR Demokritos’ Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. For more information: https://innovation-el.net/

National Research Infrastructure on Integrated Structural Biology, Drug Screening Efforts and Drug Target Functional Characterization

Participated by NCSR Demokritos’ Institute of Nuclear & Radiological Sciences and Technology, Energy & Safety and  Institute of Biosciences and Applications

Panhellenic Infrastructure for Atmospheric Composition and Climate Change

Participated by NCSR Demokritos’ Institute of Nuclear & Radiological Sciences and Technology, Energy & Safety. For more information (in Greek): https://panacea-ri.gr/

Research Infrastructure for the Integrated Energy Chain

Participated by NCSR Demokritos’ Institute of Nuclear & Radiological Sciences and Technology, Energy & Safety

Pan-European 5G infrastructure for testing and validation of new services and products

Participated by NCSR Demokritos’ Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications. For more information https://www.5genesis.eu