Yodiwo innovates in the field of physical space management, offering digital systems that realize the full potential of organizations to eliminate their energy footprint, maximize employee’s wellbeing in workplaces and create ever-increasing value from their physical assets.
Our AI-Powered solutions, developed and deployed on our own IoT platform aim to deliver SMARTER retail, buildings, and cities. In short, our product portfolio is split in 3 main categories:

1- Smart Facilities – by providing a modular and fully scalable Integrated Workplace Management System (YodiFEM), offering the tools to significantly improve energy efficiency and air quality, reduce management costs and improve the effectiveness of ESG strategies, monitor pathogens, optimise space, and provide AI powered analytics and reports. Main applications:
• Energy Monitoring and Control
• Air Quality Optimisation
• Indoor and Outdoor Space Optimisation
• Maintenance cost reduction
• ESG compliance

2 – Smart Retail, offering a Holistic Smart Retail management platform (Plano360), a modular system that enhances every step in the category and space management planning and implementation process across inventory, demand-planning, space, omnichannel, merchandizing teams and store. Plano360 ensures a seamless, user-friendly experience for efficient space and category planning that maximizes the ROI of every square meter of a retail chain by creating well-organized, market-driven shopping areas offering end-to-end solutions for:
• Space & Category management: 2D / 3D Digitalization of stores, automated/ semi-automated creation of planograms & realograms, collaborative planogram execution & planogram compliance, asset & team management, e-label & info-point management, AI-powered planogram performance analytics and many more.
• IoT powered in-store condition monitoring (fridge temperature, temperature monitoring etc.) and retail analytics (incoming and outgoing customers, space /specific areas monitoring and dwell analytics, outdoor area monitoring, demographic statistics through AI technology (GDPR compliant), Computer Vision technology).

3- Smart Cities, where Yodiwo offers an integrated, multi-application smart city management platform (YodiCITY), an unlimitedly expandable solution that allows all city systems to communicate with each other, with the possibility for data sharing between multiple entities and the ability to integrate a wide range on data sources quickly and seamlessly.
It is a network, vendor, and device agnostic platform that offers the flexibility and agility in developing, testing, and deploying multiple city applications under one system and the possibility to connect all stakeholders, including citizens, town departments employees, vendors, developers etc. It supports automated multi-level reporting, customizable alerts and notification as well as issue tracking.
Main City Applications: parking management, waste management, lighting management, air quality / environment management, traffic management, energy management.

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