LÈΩ Space Photonics R&D

LÈΩ is an ambitious space photonics start-up based in Athens, Greece. Our ambition is to leverage world-leading expertise in photonics and lead European R&D to enable their sustained entry into modern satellite systems in areas of strategic interest such as:

  • high speed inter-satellite laser communications for satellite constellations
  • on-board high-speed digital optical interconnects
  • high capacity photonic payloads
  • miniaturized micro-photonic inertial navigation systems

LÈΩ offers consulting services in the exciting field of space photonics R&D. Our focus is on optical modules, systems, instruments & equipment that rely on photonic integrated circuits or fiber optic components applicable to satellite communications & sensing applications.

LÈΩ provides support in every aspect of a space photonics R&D programme; from its conception, throughout its execution and up to its industrialization phases. In this process, LÈΩ offers access to its rich network of contacts that cover the complete development chain; from chip manufacturers, to module developers, system integrators, equipment vendors and finally to industrial end users.

  • Information Technology and Telecommunications
Contact Details
Technological and Scientific Park of Attica Lefkippos
Patr. Gregoriou E' & 27, Neapoleos str.
153 41, Agia Paraskevi
Attica, Greece
+30 210 60 95 876