Optagon Photonics

We work along the innovation chain of photonics-enabled products ranging from the concept idea to the prototype. We provide solutions for optical sensors in biomedical, food quality monitoring and metrology applications, and for next generation optical transceivers and switches in datacom and telecom applications.

  • Photonic component design

We analyze and design micro- and nano-scale optical structrures for photonic integrated circuits (PICs) on various platforms including optical polymers, silicon-on-insulator, silicon-nitride and glass.

  • Optical subsystem design

We specialize in the design of high added-value optical subsystems based on PIC technology, filling the gap between photonics at the component level and real-world applications. Our solutions include transmitter and receiver PICs for optical communications, optical beamforming PICs for microwave photonics applications, optical phased array PICs for laser scanning systems, interrogation PICs for sensors based on Micro-Ring Resonators, Mach-Zehnder Interferometers or Fiber Bragg-Gratings, and research-intensive solutions for future optical switches.

  • Digital signal processing (DSP)

We offer a broad range of DSP solutions for optical communications and sensing applications. Our toolbox includes complete sets of methods for direct and coherent detection of optical signals in analog and digital optical links, calibration and configuration methods for optical beamforming systems and laser scanning systems, and interrogation methods for sensors with high resolution and high tolerance to measurement noise in wavelength scanning systems. We provide solutions for hardware implementation of these methods, supporting our customers in the development of real-time systems.

  • System integration

We have extensive knowhow in the development of control electronics and the integration of heterogeneous subsystems into stand-alone smart platforms for optical communications and sensing applications. Our experience is associated with a large variety of subsystems including PICs with passive and active components, bulk light sources and photodiodes, optical fibers, MEMS-based optical switches, macro- and micro-fluidic structures, and microwave components for short wireless links (Bluetooth or Wi-Fi).

  • Prototypes and Products

We are currently working on a number of smart photonic and electronic platforms and product ideas including: an electronic platform for lab-on-chip products based on integrated photonic and microfluidic components, a hybrid photonic and electronic platform for interrogation of FBG-based sensors, and a hybrid photonic and electronic platform for laser scanning systems based on optical phased arrays.

  • Other
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