Hellenic Emerging Technologies Industry Association – HETiA


HETiA is Greece’s alliance of highly innovative industrial and academic performers, promoting digital technology proliferation and entrepreneurship in emerging technology domains.
HETiA is the evolution of the Hellenic Semiconductor Industry Association (HSIA) that was launched in 2005 to represent the semiconductor, micro- and nano-electronics and embedded systems industry in Greece. It initially had 13 industrial members. Today, we bring together 47 industrial members and 28 universities and institutes.
Located in Greece, HETiA represents an entrepreneurial hub poised to connect high-tech enterprises in Europe, Middle East and Africa and serving as a gateway to the region for companies located in the USA or Asia.


HETiA represents the interests and growth needs of its industrial members by catalysing a triple helix in innovation (government-universities-industry).
But the true value of HETiA is our people, with their “versatile minds”, entrepreneurial mindset as well as the depth and breadth of their science and engineering capabilities.
In fact, it is exactly this unique “system level thinking” that our people carry by nature and by educational culture which enables them to identify the technological and process bottlenecks and develop innovative solutions. This approach has already led to several success stories and technology breakthroughs. And that is what makes our companies a trusted and dynamic partner, with a competitive value propositions and a great growth potential.

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