Hellenic Photonics Cluster- HPhos


HPhos aims to cluster Greek and foreign entrepreneurial, industrial and academic players in order to create a hotbed for the development of new ideas and innovative products. Offering a fertile ecosystem that encourages the transfer of knowledge and expertise, it aims to become a critical support infrastructure to new entrepreneurship and extroversion of Greek and foreign enterprises and to provide networking channels to foreign enterprises and investors. As technology intensive and driven cluster, HPhos aims to be leader in the Industry 4.0 revolution by integrating the main key technology (Photonics) with Digital Technology for a wide range of applications and markets including manufacturing, networks, health, environment, space, and defense.


HPhos comprises a founding core of knowledge-intensive enterprises and research organizations. HPhos’s misison is to intensify cluster and network collaboration not only across borders, but also across sectorial boundaries to contribute in the emergence of new EU value chains that bring together enterprises from different sectors and better support SMEs in global competition.

  • Advanced Materials, Nanotechnology & Devices
  • Other
Contact Details
Technological and Scientific Park of Attica Lefkippos
Patr. Gregoriou E' & 27, Neapoleos str.
153 41, Agia Paraskevi
Attica, Greece
Dr. Elias Hontzopoulos +30 6948 825445