BIOEMTECH envisages to provide unique, high quality products and services in the field of drug research and biotechnology.

In vivo preclinical screening products
BIOEMTECH specialises in the design and construction of small animal imaging systems for pre-clinical, pharma, biotechnology, and medical research; Our trademark ‘eye’ refers to compact and benchtop devices, which transform lab desks into in-vivo imaging labs, allowing easy and real time in-vivo dynamic screening of radiolabeled biomolecules and nanoparticles, providing unique information to assist in the management of certain pathologies (including cancer).

Preclinical imaging platform: From in vitro to in vivo
BIOEMTECH provides small animal imaging services, for advanced experiments on multi-scale level for both diagnostic and therapeutic protocols, in our unique, fully equipped and licensed laboratories that include:

– In vitro lab for cell studies
– Animal facility (mice & rats)

– Radiochemistry lab

– Imaging facility (microCT/SPECT/PET)
All studies are in full accordance with the 3Rs principle (animal reduction, replacement and refinement) and all international standards, while our personnel is specially trained on the undertaken activities (FELASA & radioactivity accreditation).

Precision Medicine
All preclinical studies are complemented by advanced simulation tools, combined with advanced computational phantoms and machine learning tools for application in diagnostic and therapeutic protocols optimization.

Funded projects
Since its establishment BIOEMTECH has been an active partner in many International and National projects, including H2020 (FET, NMBP, RISE, ITN), Euronanomed, EraPerMed, COST, where its know-how, infrastructure and products are exploited. Finally, BIOEMTECH is strongly engaged in Training, Dissemination and Outreach Activities, targeting not only the scientific community, but also students and general public.

  • Health & Life Sciences
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