Feb 21, 24 |
AMEN NEW TECHNOLOGIES celebrates new year 2024 with Traditional “Cutting of the NewYear’s Pie”

AMEN NEW TECHNOLOGIES, a dynamic Greek R&D&I SME specializing in Advanced Materials, ushered in the new year 2024 with a traditional celebration of “Cutting the New Year’s Pie,” a cherished tradition in Greek culture. During the festive gathering, employees and stakeholders gathered to participate in the time-honored tradition of cutting the New Year’s pie, or “Vasilopita,” as it is known in Greek tradition. This tradition involves cutting a special cake or pie, typically with a hidden coin inside, to symbolize good luck and prosperity for the upcoming year.

AMEN NEW TECHNOLOGIES was pleased to share this tradition with its team and external advisors. The lucky coin, symbolizing good fortune, was shared by the company’s two external advisors, marking an auspicious start to the new year for AMEN NEW TECHNOLOGIES and its collaborators. In addition to the traditional celebration, AMEN NEW TECHNOLOGIES hosted a brief presentation highlighting the company’s achievements and goals for the upcoming year. Key milestones and projects were discussed, showcasing the company’s dedication to innovation and excellence in the realm of Advanced Materials.

Dr. D. Niarchos, R&D Director of AMEN NEW TECHNOLOGIES, expressed his gratitude to all who attended the celebration and emphasized the importance of tradition and camaraderie in the company culture. “As we embark on another year of innovation and growth, it’s important to take a moment to reflect on our achievements and celebrate together,” said Dr. Niarchos The highlights of the 2023 were:

Successful completion of RADAR project (ESPA), EIT Accelerator (EC) and High Precision linear position sensors based on sub-millimeter N52 magnets (HUAWEI).

  • Production of bonded permanent magnets based on the concept of high-entropy alloys, which has been patented globally by its R&D Director.
  • Development of unique infrastructures for materials processing and characterization of magnetic materials like permanent magnets and spin-valves
  • Securing funding from HORIZON EIC pathfinder (3 year project) to develop rare-earth free permanent magnets ( 7-members consortium from EC countries)

Looking ahead, AMEN NEW TECHNOLOGIES has:

  • Received approval for a HORIZON Resilience call  (4 y 15 partners) to develop a small pilot line  for permanent magnets to explore the mentioned patents.
  • Received the go-ahead for a full proposal in the EIC Accelerator call to “produce hydrogen from waste plastics using microwaves for the deconstruction of C-H bonds.”
  • Redesign the unit sold to HUMITECH to prevent rising moisture in buildings (rising damp).

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