Sep 23, 20 |
Akronic introduces ALTUS28TR integrated transceiver for 5G, SATCOM and mmWave wireless access points

Akronic P.C. (, an innovative design house and silicon IP provider, announces the release of ALTUS28TR, a silicon IP and IC solution for 5G, SATCOM and wireless access point systems.

ALTUS28TR is a highly integrated radio transceiver operating in the 24-32 GHz frequency range. The IC provides a low noise figure in Rx mode and a moderate output power in Tx mode. The receiver and transmitter integrate all the residing circuitry between the antenna and the baseband analog front-end.

Main features:

  • complete receiver path, from external antenna to ADCs
  • complete transmitter path, from DACs to external PA
  • local-oscillator path for easy connection to an external LO source
  • re-configurable baseband filters, linear-in-dB gain control, LO leakage compensation, digital pre-distortion support, power detector, temperature sensor and extensive ATB
  • 4-wire serial to peripheral interface (SPI) control bus.

The IC is fully configurable for performance optimization. It enables complex modulation schemes for high data rate over the air and it is delivered in a small-size, SMT compatible, package.

ALTUS28TR is a tailored solution for  5G, SATCOM and commercial communication links operating in Ka-band by improving performance, reducing cost and simplifying the overall system design. For more information, samples and evaluation boards contact: