Apr 22, 20 |
Akronic releases fully integrated Ka-band transmitter for SATCOM, 5G and Backhaul applications.

Akronic P.C. is proud to announce the accomplishment of its fully integrated Ka-band trans-mitter, silicon IP, which was co‐financed by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union and Greek national funds through the Operational Program Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, under the call RESEARCH – CREATE – INNOVATE (project code:Τ1EDK-04194).

The project involved the design and development of a fully functional prototype, of a wireless transmitter, at a silicon level, intended for wireless satellite telecommunication systems, operating in the 28GHz frequency range. The ultimate goal of the process will be the development of a millimeter wave (mmW) integrated circuit that will implement the analogue radio transmitter of the earth satellite terminal, with a particular emphasis on the reduction of the cost of ownership and the minimization of the number of external components needed for its operation.

The mmW transmitter operates in the Ka-band, [26-31] GHz. It supports high mode amplitude and phase modulation schemes for high data rates over the air. Akronic’s state of the art transmitter is highly configurable for performance optimization. It comprises of a configurable baseband low-pass filter, an I/Q up-converter with gain control and a variable gain power amplifier.

Main Features include:
Configurable integrated baseband filters, Dual Gain Control (linear in dB), LO leakage Compensation, Support of Digital Pre-distortion, Power Detector and Temperature sensor.

Main Performance Characteristics:
Output Frequency range: 26 – 31GHz
Power Gain: 16 dB
Saturated Output Power: 15 dBm
Gain Control Range: 50 dB
Input Frequency Range: DC – 700MHz
Power Consumption (@2.6V supply): 0.45 W
Temperature Range: -20 to 110 °C

The integrated transmitter is an effective solution for satellite applications, 5G and point-to-point microwave links by improving performance, reducing cost and simplifying the overall system design. For more information about this silicon IP, contact: contact@akronic.com