Here at ProtATonce we bring biomarker discovery and compound evaluation to the next level. Our proprietary multiplexing scheme quantifies thousands of proteins in thousands of samples. Multi-omics network analysis identifies mechanism-based biomarkers and assess compound performance. Our GMP, ISO13485, and ISO9001 compliant processes offer the highest possible quality of products and services. ProtATonce Ltd is continually building upon its technology, so stay in touch to learn about upgrades and other changes.

Biomarker Discovery- Over 1000 targets, Unparalleled multiplexing = more & better biomarkers

Protavio revolutionizes multiplex technology for biomarker discovery. Send your samples and select between the novel MegaPlex-1000™ biomarker screening panel, our focused disease panels, or make your custom panel. Ask our bioinformatics team to analyze your data and identify sub-panels or single markers with robust diagnostic power. And when your results are strong, ask our production team to generate multiplex assays with our ISO13485 compliant production service

The art in Multiplexed Assays

Here at Protavio we know how to build assays for any type of applications including biomarker discovery, pathway analysis, quality control, PK/PD, screening studies etc. Using diverse coupling techniques, we can immobilise many different types of molecules (antibodies, affimers, proteins, etc) and employ detection schemes (sandwich assay, single antibody, direct labeling etc) that fit your project specification. If large scale production is needed, three different types of robots can be programmed to meet your production requirements. Following EMA, FDA, and CLSI’s guidelines we assess assay performance for Limits of Detection, precision, accuracy, linearity, and recovery.

Compound Evaluation

Understand and evaluate compound clinical performance. Groundbreaking in-vitro solution for assessing compound or lead molecule mode of action, efficacy, and safety in early drug discovery.  Are you looking for technical due diligence with experimental validation? or you need a partner to advance your preclinical pipeline? our talented computational and experimental team will provide you solid experimental evidence for your drug candidate assessment.

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