Micro2Gen is a new innovative medical instrumentation and diagnostic services company with the mission of implementing biotechnology products and services lying at the confluence of several scientific areas, i.e. a) Information technology and Medical Informatics, b) Micro-electronics, c) Biotechnology / Biochemistry and d) Microsystems – Microfluidics.

Micro2Gen (scope of) business involves three main directions:

  1. Development, manufacturing and distribution of reconfigurable, integrated control circuits for molecular diagnostics and genetic testing instruments (Point-of-Care devices),
  2. Development and distribution of Point-of-Care devices, complementary control and analysis software for Lab-On-a-Chip research and development,
  3. Provision of integrated services and solutions in the instrumentation domain.

In addition to the above core activities, the company provides solutions in biomedical information management concerning diseases that are related with the genetic testing services of the company, and information sharing through bespoke software to third parties. The company is also involved in the development of an integrated system that will enable users of its molecular diagnostics components and integrated solutions to interoperate with existing databases and analysis systems. Finally, the company has developed a complete solution for the integration of the analysis outcome in clinical settings, by using HL-7 standardized interfaces.

  • Health & Life Sciences
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Technological and Scientific Park of Attica Lefkippos
Patr. Gregoriou E' & 27, Neapoleos str.
153 41, Agia Paraskevi
Attica, Greece
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