Give Engineering

Using the latest methods and the industry’s most established software GIVE can offer a wide range of engineering services. As experts in Computer Aided Engineering GIVE can analyse fast & accurately all kinds of engineering problems and provide you with technical answers without the need for expensive prototypes and testing

Product Development

Whether you have an idea and you are not sure how to bring it to life, or you alredy designed your prototype but want to take it to the next level, GIVE can be on your side and help you go to that next level and bring your ideas to life.

GIVE can drive product development from idea to creation, following with you and your team all necessary steps to ensure a viable product, a product that will not only work but also perform.

Composite Analysis

GIVE specializes in analyzing composite high performance applications and structures using the latest models and methods, as well as our specialized in-house developed tools. With a highly experienced team, who understand materials and manufacturing, GIVE can deliver engineering solutions all the way from concept to manufacturing, and from single components to advanced assemblies, and ensure that the full performance benefits of composite materials are incorporated in any structural design.

GIVE’s team prides themselves on the technical expertise on lightweight structures, composite materials and failure analysis.

  • Concept feasibility
  • Laminate theory
  • Advanced composite simulations
  • Failure Analysis
  • Composite Structural Optimisation
  • Development of special composite tools

Advanced Simulations

Through state-of-art FEM software, hand calcs, and the company’s unique in-house developed tools, GIVE is able to simulate, predict, and tune real behaviour. They can see if “it” will break, wear, or perform without the need for expensive prototyping and testing.

GIVE and its engineers have a long experience in advanced simulation tools, and a solid theoretical background on structural analysis. Working in the world of motorsports & F1, GIVE’s engineers learned speed and accuracy, as well as attention to detail. Services among others include:

  • Linear analysis
  • Quasi-static
  • Non-linear
  • Dynamic/Crash
  • Thermal
  • Frequency response


GIVE’s structural analysis expertise is completed with the team’s optimisation capabilities. From topology to morphing, metals to composites, GIVE covers all the modern optimisation methods.

  • Topology
  • Topography
  • Free size
  • Size/Shape optimisation
  • Multi-Disciplinary


  • Engineering- Transport
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