ecoCreta’s mission is to provide qualitative and full service investment support for integrated energy & environmental management services, innovative tools and know-how for environmental protection and energy production.

The personnel of ecoCreta holds extensive experience to high quality state-of-the-art scientific equipment, providing concrete results and solutions to its customers. Taking advantage of the latest technologies we gain valuable time, reducing drastically the relative cost. The expertise and excellent training of our engineers can guarantee an optimal scientific solution to a wide range of applications.

Further to the specialized permanent staff, the company has access to a strong network of experts with experience in Energy production & storage, Energy saving, Environmental studies, Geological studies, Feasibility studies, Land Surveying & photogrammetry, ICT, Research and Management of large scale projects

ecoCreta’s services include:


ecoCreta provides a complete array of environmental services covering air, land, and water. To mention but a few:

  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation actions.
    • Provide support to the Covenant of mayors initiative on adaptation to Climate Change.
    • Support to the development and implementation of LIFE projects.
  • Environmental Impact Studies and Strategic Environmental Assessments.
  • Hydraulic & Geological studies.
  • Water and soil pollution and remediation.
  • Water treatment and desalination.
  • Waste management and recycling.
  • Feasibility studies. Preparation and implementation support for environment relating investment plans.


ecoCreta provides a broad range of comprehensive energy solutions including:

  • Development and monitoring of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs).
    • Support to the Covenant of Mayors Initiative.
  • Design, supervision, construction and maintenance of photovoltaic installations.
  • Design and implementation of energy saving projects.
  • Technical studies for mechanical and electrical installations for buildings to improve their energy efficiency.
  • Hybrid RES/energy storage autonomous or/and grid-connected power systems.
  • Smart grids & smart metering applications; support to the Smart City concept.
  • Hydrogen technologies (production, storage, fuel cells, filling stations).
  • Evaluation of Investment Projects, including business plans with market analysis, financial projections, etc.

Land Surveying

Land Surveying and any kind of topographical services such as:

  • Notarial acts for property transfer, inheritance acceptance, etc.
  • Issuance of building permits.
  • Seashore demarcation.
  • Creation of  satellite orthophotomaps.
  • Land Mapping for the  design and installation of renewable energy sources.
  • Development of street plans / building lines.
  • Creation of stereoscopic satellite images.
  • Creation of geographic databases (GIS).
  • Production of Digital Terrain Models (DTM).
  • Photogrammetry.


The medium to long term ambition of the company is to develop/market new products and services by stimulating its R&D activities for the exploitation of research programs in collaboration with research centers, organizations, public and private bodies. In that direction, a dedicated R&D Sector has been established within the organogram of the Company.

The company is very active in the new HORIZON2020 framework, being currently involved in a number of Innovative Project proposals preparation in the fields of Energy, Environment and SME Innovation.

  • Environment & Climate change
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