Circuits Integrated intends to…

  • Be a key player in mmWave ICs
  • Employ high-profile scientists/engineers as Associates
  • Attract junior talents by providing career paths
    and guidance by senior engineers
  • Use the full potential of the local workforce
  • Develop IPs and new research ideas

… offer the highest standard of services

Circuits Integrated offers:

  • Team management, technical and chip lead positions, all-round vision:
    • Technology and Package selection to Product ramp-up
    • RFIC System Development Support and Feasibility studies
    • Analog to mmWave IC design flow, RF chip floor-planning
  • RF and mmWave:
    • TX/RX chains for telecommunication up to Q-band, including beamforming
    • Circuitry: PAs, LNAs, VGAs, Mixers, LO chains, Phase Shifters, Switches
    • Passives: Inductors, Transformers, Hybrids, Splitters, Package Transitions
    • RF and BB oscillation-free modelling techniques
  • Analog:
    • Baseband to GHz amplifiers and filtering (low, high, band-pass)
    • VGA, linear to dB control and detectors
    • DC management (including BGRs, LDOs), drivers, ESD
  • Layout:
    • Block level: DC to mmWave in various CMOS/SOI/BiCMOS nodes (down to 28nm)
    • Top level: Chip Prime and TO deliveries
  • Advanced Materials, Nanotechnology & Devices
Contact Details
Technological and Scientific Park of Attica Lefkippos
Patr. Gregoriou E' & 27, Neapoleos str.
153 41, Agia Paraskevi
Attica, Greece
+30 211 1825 891